With two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, Team Legas possesses a diverse background enabling them to serve their customers’ needs. The team has worked their way up the ranks, starting as an office manager and loan originator, moving up to sales manager and funding manager and eventually becoming broker owners of their own business.

Working on the mortgage banking and broker side, as well as on the depository bank side, has given them perspective. They use this knowledge to assist their clients in obtaining the right home financing solution for their situation.
Team Legas looks forward to the opportunity to earn your business and show you what ‘White Glove Customer Experience’ is like in the evolving mortgage world.

Here’s what you can expect with Team Legas:

WE ARE FAMILY – We cherish our shared experiences, celebrate our achievements, work through our challenges and appreciate each other – like family.

USE GOOD JUDGEMENT – We trust each other’s integrity and ability.

HONESTY – We value open, honest and respectful communication.

IT’S OUR BUSINESS – Our team members each have a personal, financial and professional stake in the success of our team.

KINDNESS – We work hard to provide excellent service and a wide array of products to each client. We believe great service starts with showing respect and courtesy to everyone, co-workers and customers alike.

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Greg & Karla Legas